10 Events in Phoenix This February You Can’t Miss

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What to do in Phoenix

During the spring season, Phoenix tops the list of the best springtime one can experience. From Palo Verde flowers that make everyone around to sneeze to the downtown valley park that overflows with events and food festivals almost every weekend.

February witnesses the Arizona cocktail and Arizona beer week during weekends that attracts the boozy beverage fans. The desert botanical parks are ruled by the devour culinary classic while and Chandler welcomes the dumpling festival.

With all these happening here I have some of the events in the valley you don’t want to miss this February:


1. 2020 Arizona flying circus


the 17th annual edition will be held from 13th- 16th Feb. With time Arizona flying circus has significantly evolved, making it an unusual occasion every year. There are a variety of pilots who turn up to the event with different flying contraptions. Part burning man, part flying in, and wild costumes cover part wild west, explosions, firearms, fireworks, enormous fires, great foods, the bowling ball canon, and live music.

The organizers of the event have come to a seamless connection with the participants attending the event. When visiting the AFC, they will request you to bring with you that special, unique, fresh, and exciting thing you have and share with the rest. They recommend the things that fly, burn, shoot, explode, or just that, which is weird. Its purely volunteer guided by the passion and love of flight.

Celebrate your left freedom and meet with your fellow flight lovers who come together at this breathtaking event.


2. Wigwam fine art and wine festival


The annual festival happens on 14th – 16th Feb, starting from 10 AM to 5 PM. Come and enjoy the southern, western, and American natural arts. In this year’s edition, the organizers have promised to give an unparalleled ambiance and an intimate setting for the arts, outdoor dining, and entertainment. Discover the most accomplished craftsmen and fine artists all in showed in the striking outdoor gallery.


3. Devour the world


It takes over the valley one week before the devour culinary classic, which is Saturday, 15th Feb. It’s one of the signature events this year, and it’s being held in Peoria at Peoria city hall complex. Devour the world event features dance and music performance from cultures around the world and highlights international foods. The ticket includes the price of the food and drink sample, which will be provided by both regional and local restaurants, food trucks, breweries, and wineries. The event will be held from 11 AM – 3 PM, and the ticket goes for $55.

4. Cocktail carnival


On 15th Feb is when the cocktail carnival kicks off this year. A 20-person marching band is an inclusion of the cocktail carnival. There will also be a host of creative cocktails, light display, art show, acrobats, and stilt walkers. The admission ticket caters to ten drink samples. The event will start at 8 PM – Midnight at Walter’s house gallery. Tickets range from $25 – $100.


5. Devour culinary classic



downtown Phoenix



The major culinary festival will be held at Desert Botanical Gardens. The 11th annual event will be on 22nd – 23rd February. It will bring together the phoenix chefs as it has always done since 2009. Enjoy your weekend sampling foods and drinks made by the region’s top chefs, where every day of the event, different chefs will show off their culinary skills. The tickets range from $105- $205.


6. Chili, Bourbon and Beer festival


29th Feb happens only one in 4 years, celebrate it with Chili, Bourbon, and beer. The Chandler food and music festival includes five country bands(local), which you will enjoy as you sample roses, Woodford reserve, and Bulleit.

Lawn games, eating contests, and flame throwers will keep your day moving. Sample chili tastes from mild to mouth-numbing and drowns it all with a beer. Tickets will go for $10 for pre-sale tickets and $15 on the event day.


7. Cave creek craft beer festival


It’s the first-ever cave creek annual beer to happen on the leap day. Chat with fans as local brewers serve their beer during the event. Mead and cider lovers will have treats to sample, and pub foods will also be available. A general admission ticket will go for $45 that will include a mug of beer and 20 tasting tickets, while the VIP ticket will go at $60, including $7 food credit and 25 tasting samples.


8. PHX Vegan food festival


The 5th annual PHX vegan food event happens on 29th FEB. There will be more than a hundred vegan-friendly and vegan vendors at the Margaret T. park. Also, chefs will display demos, and ingredients for vegan will be available as well as vegan food for sale. The noon event has its tickets going for $29 – $69.


9. Classic car show, BBQ AND Blues festival


The event will be held on 15th Feb apart from the show of the classic car there will also be live music, and as it’s a family thing, there will also be face painting, jumping castles rock climbing as well as food booths. Classic art and crafts will be displayed. Tickets will go up to $50.


10. Arizona vegetarian food festival and symposium



downtown Phoenix



The event will be held at Scottsdale civic center amphitheater on 15th – 16th Feb. The festival comes in for them, sticking to a vegetarian diet. Along with side food and entertainment, there will also be educational opportunities where you will learn more about vegetarian eating and cooking. Tickets will go at $20 – $75.


What to do in Phoenix


Apart from plenty of foods and drinks, there are other things to do in Phoenix during the happening festivals, and you don’t want to miss the events in Phoenix. Day trips, outdoor activities, concerts and shows, classes and workshops, shopping, etc. are what’s to do in Phoenix. Activities here are put in categories i.e., fun and games, balloon rides, hiking trails, parks, nature and parks, and several other things to do in Phoenix, including exploring phoenix.


Downtown phoenix


When it comes to what should be done, the downtown phoenix is placed in the Jurassic age. The city has inspired both songwriters and movie directors. It has an exciting nightlife, vintage retail shop, art galleries, museum as well as excellent sports facilities. Below are some of the things you would do in downtown phoenix;

Soar over the stunning skyline using a helicopter
Visit the 3-block cityscape, Arizona science center
Have tea and scones in the rural style cottage teapot
Visit the Roosevelt row artful community
Visit the heritage square and how the city was like in the Victorian era
Visit the Lustre rooftop bar
Experience opera performance in the Orpheum theatre
Step foot in the Japanese friendship garden

And many other guaranteed experiences you would not fail to try.

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