A La Vie En Rose Cocktail to End The Summer


This Rose-based cocktail is sure to surprise! A classy and delicious taste that’s a perfect combination to any late-summer celebration. This subtle, but yet elegant drink uses a homemade infused rose water and vodka mix that collides great with the end-of-the-summer ambience that is in the air before October hits. Here is the recipe for the pre-fall drink below: 



Recipe for the Rose Vodka: 

500ml Vodka
200g Sugar
5ml Rose Water 


To make the infused vodka, stir the sugar and rose water into the vodka thoroughly. Then once the sugar dissolves, filter into a sterilized bottle and seal. 


For the La Vie En Rose Cocktail: 

25ml Rose Vodka
75ml Rosé Wine (which is a Côtes de Provence-style)
5ml Fresh Lemon Juice
Soda (to give it more of a splash)
Rose petals (to garnish) 


To make the La Vie En Rose Cocktail, put a good handful of ice cubes in a stemmed wine glass. After that, pour in the rose vodka with the wine and lemon juice one at a time. Then, add the soda and garnish the cocktail with rose petals for an Instagram-friendly snapshot. Finally, take a sip and enjoy!





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