Arizona Cardinals Hire Kliff Kingsbury as Head Coach

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Many NFL teams are now in the search of a new head coach, with that being so the Arizona Cardinals are no different. After recently firing coach Wilks about a month ago. The Cardinals have been looking for a new young, offensive guru who has had success in the past and they believe that Kliff Kingsbury is their guy.

Hopefully they are right, because after firing head coach Steve Wilks eight days ago after just one year, the team announced that they are hiring of Kingsbury just today on January 8th, 2019 as their new head coach. Kliff Kingsbury currently has no NFL coaching experience, he used to be the head coach at Texas Tech.

Right after the news today, the @AZCardinals posted a video of Kingsbury at the team’s training complex. Watch below as the new head coach says that he is excited to now be the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.





@AZCardinals since has also posted a video introducing the Arizona Cardinals Fan’s to Kliff Kingsbury on Twitter. See below:




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AZ Local

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