Arizona Diamondback’s Remaining Schedule for 2019

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The Arizona Diamondback’s season has kicked off for 2019 and we have the schedule for you here. MLB is heating up so far as the Arizona Diamondbacks hope to knock off the Los Angeles Dodgers from the NL West, who are defending champions of the division. Here is the Arizona Diamondback’s schedule for the rest of 2019 below:

Thu, Mar 28L12-50-1Ryu 1-0Greinke 0-153,086
Fri, Mar 29W5-4 F/131-1Andriese 1-0Garcia 0-1Holland 142,266
Sat, Mar 30L18-51-2Maeda 1-0Godley 0-150,626
Sun, Mar 31L8-71-3Floro 1-0Hirano 0-1Jansen 143,815
Mon, Apr 1W10-32-3Kelly 1-0Strahm 0-1Duplantier 118,683
Tue, Apr 2W8-53-3Greinke 1-1Lauer 1-1Holland 222,504
Wed, Apr 3L4-13-4Lucchesi 2-0Ray 0-119,376
Fri, Apr 5W15-84-4Godley 1-1Porcello 0-248,338
Sat, Apr 6W5-45-4Holland 1-0Brewer 0-135,969
Sun, Apr 7L1-05-5Walden 1-0Kelly 1-1Brasier 231,565
Tue, Apr 9W5-46-5Andriese 2-0Leclerc 1-116,620
Wed, Apr 10L5-26-6Lynn 1-1Chafin 0-1Bird 115,871
Thu, Apr 11L7-66-7Stammen 1-0Bradley 0-1Wingenter 115,449
Fri, Apr 12L2-16-8Reyes 1-0Weaver 0-1Yates 822,209
Sat, Apr 13L5-46-9Stammen 2-0Andriese 2-1Yates 927,256
Sun, Apr 14W8-47-9Greinke 2-1Lauer 2-225,489
Tue, Apr 164:20 PMRayFried
Wed, Apr 174:20 PMGodleyGausman
Thu, Apr 189:10 AMWeaverToussaint
Fri, Apr 1911:20 AMKellyHendricks
Sat, Apr 2011:20 AMGreinkeDarvish
Sun, Apr 2111:20 AM
Mon, Apr 224:05 PMGodleyMusgrove
Tue, Apr 234:05 PMWeaverWilliams
Wed, Apr 244:05 PM
Thu, Apr 259:35 AMGreinkeTaillon
Fri, Apr 266:40 PMRayQuintana
Sat, Apr 275:10 PMGodley
Sun, Apr 281:10 PMWeaverHamels
6:40 PMKellySabathia
12:40 PM
Fri, May 35:40 PM
Sat, May 45:10 PM
Sun, May 512:10 PM
Mon, May 64:10 PM
Tue, May 74:10 PM
Wed, May 810:10 AM
6:40 PM
Fri, May 106:40 PM
Sat, May 115:10 PM
Sun, May 121:10 PM
Mon, May 136:40 PM
Tue, May 146:40 PM
12:40 PM
Fri, May 176:40 PM
Sat, May 187:10 PM
Sun, May 191:10 PM
Mon, May 207:10 PM
7:10 PM
Wed, May 2212:40 PM
Fri, May 247:15 PM
Sat, May 251:05 PM
1:05 PM
Mon, May 2712:10 PM
Tue, May 285:40 PM
Wed, May 295:40 PM
Thu, May 3012:10 PM
Fri, May 316:40 PM
Sat, Jun 17:10 PM
Sun, Jun 21:10 PM
Mon, Jun 36:40 PM
Tue, Jun 46:40 PM
Wed, Jun 512:40 PM
4:07 PM
Sat, Jun 812:07 PM
Sun, Jun 910:07 AM
Mon, Jun 104:05 PM
Tue, Jun 114:05 PM
Wed, Jun 124:05 PM
Thu, Jun 134:05 PM
4:05 PM
Sat, Jun 151:05 PM
Sun, Jun 1610:35 AM
6:40 PM
6:40 PM
12:40 PM
Fri, Jun 216:40 PM
Sat, Jun 227:10 PM
Sun, Jun 231:10 PM
Mon, Jun 246:40 PM
Tue, Jun 256:40 PM
Wed, Jun 2612:40 PM
6:45 PM
Fri, Jun 287:15 PM
Sat, Jun 297:05 PM
Sun, Jun 301:05 PM
Tue, Jul 27:10 PM
Wed, Jul 37:10 PM
Fri, Jul 56:10 PM
Sat, Jul 67:10 PM
Sun, Jul 71:10 PM


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