Arizona “Shutdown” Due To Coronavirus?!

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Arizona Shutdown Due To Coronavirus?!

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has issued an executive order urging Arizonans to stay home. The order takes effect at 5:00PM on today, Tuesday March 31st, 2020. Although Arizona is not “shutdown” it is an order that most are taking to heart as so. This comes as the Coronavirus in Arizona has reached near 1,200+ cases just this week.


“Stay home, stay healthy and stay connected,” he said.

During a news conference Monday, March 30th, he asked all Arizona residents to stay home except those who work at or for essential businesses.

Ducey on Monday received a letter signed by several Arizona mayors, telling him to declare a shelter-in-place order for our beloved state.

Ducey says Arizona locals should limit their time away from home and if they do go out (because they need to), that they need to ensure social distancing. “Arizonans are staying home because it’s the right thing to do,” Ducey said.

Gov. Ducey didn’t change the list of essential services and did state that grocery stores and pharmacies will not close. He urged people to only buy 1 weeks worth of groceries and not hoard so that way supplies will last.

He also said that restaurants will continue to offer takeout and delivery, and to please purchase from local businesses during this difficult time.

The governor said he decided to act upon it after the state’s top health official said it was necessary to slow the spread of Coronavirus in Arizona. 

Ducey said he issued a “stay-at-home” order rather than calling for a “shelter-in-place” order to reduce the fear of Arizonians due to the Coronavirus in Arizona.


Ducey continued with, “when you use words like shelter in place, that’s what happens during a nuclear attack, that’s what happens when there’s an active shooter, we want people to stay at home. It will have the same type of effect.”


Monday’s order urges all Arizona residents to remain at home except for employment or to conduct or participate in “essential activities.”


Those essential activities include:

  • Obtaining necessary supplies and services for family, household members and pets, such as groceries, food and supplies for household consumption and use, supplies and equipment needed to work from home, assignments for completion of distance learning and products necessary to maintain safety, sanitation and essential maintenance of the home, residence.

  • Engaging in activities essential for health and safety, including things such as seeking medical, behavioral health or emergency services and obtaining medical supplies or medication.

  • Caring for a family member, friend, or pet in another household or residence, which includes but is not limited to transportation for essential health and safety activities and to obtain necessary supplies and services for the other household.

  • Engaging in outdoor exercise activities, such as walking, hiking, running, biking or golfing, but only if appropriate physical distancing practices are used.

  • Attending work in or conducting essential services which includes but is not limited to transporting children to child care services for attending work in an essential service.

  • Engaging in constitutionally protected activities such as speech and religion, the democratic process to include voting any legal or court process provided that such is conducted in a manner that provides appropriate physical distancing to the extent feasible.


He also strongly recommended Arizonans to go outside. “The weather is beautiful outside right now, find a way to get out and enjoy it with social distancing.”

  • Maintaining ongoing connections and communication with current social supports and structures such as family, friends, neighbors and other social groups;

  • Educating fellow Arizonans on the negative health impacts of social isolation;

  • Developing habits and activities that increase resilience, such as physical activity, virtual social gatherings, assisting neighbors, implementing or participating in connection campaigns for at risk populations, and participating in volunteer activities.

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