Arizona’s First Carvana Car Vending Machine Now Open

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Carvana’s Car Vending Machine

On Wednesday, June 20, 2018 Carvana opened their car vending in Arizona. The car vending is right off of the Loop 202 near Red Mountain in Tempe. Carvana is taking various news anchors, news channels and companies on a tour of how it works.



Ryan Keeton, who is the co-founder of Carvana commented on the vending machine and said that it was designed to make the car buy experience fun again. “I think first is the fact that you can put a coin in it and it’s fully automated. It goes and gets your car and comes back but second, I think to see the look on our customers’ faces, we want to make car buying fun again and you watch them, they bring their friends and family, it’s a whole event.”

How It Works

The way the vending works with the vehicles, is that once you purchase a car online, you present yourself with a large gold coin to the machine and put the coin in the slot and out comes your car. When it picks your car, the machine processes, turns on and spins around and physically picks the car you want and then brings it down to you so you can drive it off of the lot right away.


If you are wondering what to do if the car you picked is not what you decided on, then Carvana has that covered as well. Another one of Carvana’s sticking points in their policy is that they will give you 7 days to drive the car and whether or not you want to keep it with no cost if you decide to return it within those 7 days. The Carvana vending machine is based here in Phoenix, and the location is in Tempe which is the 12th car vending machine in the United States. The car vending machine is the company’s biggest one at 9 stories, with a 34-car capacity.





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