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Da Vang

Address: 4538 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85015 Hours: Sundays – Tuesdays               Thursdays – Saturdays              8:00am – 8:00pm Phone: 602-242-3575 Theme: Chinese Atmosphere: Modern




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For great tasting authentic Vietnamese food in Phoenix, you can’t go wrong with Da Vang. For over 18 years now the Ly family has been running this Vietnamese spot, satisfying thousands of customers from all across the Valley. While it caters primarily to a Vietnamese clientele, in truth, you’ll find just about every kind of person here from businessmen on their lunch breaks to groups of young people getting ‘shareables’ to eat all the way to elderly couples looking a nice and peaceful night out to enjoy some soup or noodles.


If there’s one thing that immediately stands out about Da Vang, it’s the service. While the restaurant is a casual ‘seat-yourself’ kind of place, from the moment you sit down you’re almost instantly greeted by a staff member and food begins to appear within minutes. Once seated, there’s no pressure to leave and you can stay and dine as long as you want (within reason) until you’re ready to leave. When you’re ready simply pay at the register, it’s that easy. Service is quick an attentive and if you need anything, the staff is readily available. When it comes to Vietnamese food in downtown Phoenix, Da Vang reigns supreme.


Like many Vietnamese restaurants, the menu is long with 79 items in total. It can seem overwhelmingly, but in reality, just remember the main staples of Vietnamese food; pork, seafood, and beef. Before digging in, you’ll of course need to answer the pivotal question of, “would like egg noodles or rice noodles with that?”


Once inside you’ll see the decor which is, to say in the least, a mixed bag but in a fun way. The tables are colored a pale pink while the floors have a baby blue and white checkered pattern. The walls are painted white and pistachio and are draped in framed posters and flowers. The biggest clash is the red altar with a porcelain Buddha statue positioned next to a Bug Light sign with a Coyotes logo on it. Talk about ‘when worlds collide.’ Yet the perhaps quirky decor actually works to provide a nice authentic feel to the restaurant.


Da Vang also delivers on Postmates.




To anyone who has ever been to Vietnam and misses the food, at Da Vang you’ll feel as if you’re right back their again. The Ly family has gone to great lengths to preserve the authenticity of the restaurant and has created a place with undoubtedly some of the best Vietnamese food in Phoenix. Da Vang was the Valley’s first Vietnamese food restaurant and has been going strong ever since.


Start your course off with one of the many appetizers that Da Vang offers including; a wide variety of egg rolls, deep fried shrimp, deep tried bean curd, and vermicelli. After your apps have been thoroughly demolished, perhaps you’ll want to scarf down a bowl of soup. From the special clear noodle soup to the fan-favorite beef-meatball soup, Da Vang’s soup is simply fantastic and some of the best Vietnamese in downtown Phoenix, and that’s before we’ve even gotten to the main courses.


One thing that you–or rather your wallet–will immediately notice are the prices. Even the items listed under ‘family meals’ run for less than $11. From the stir fried beef with white onion to the cooked catfish with sweet and salted sauce and jalapenos, you’ll leave Da Vang fully satisfied and eager to return. Additionally, the menu features a choice selection of egg noodles, stir fried noodles, and porridge. Porridge options include rice soup with pork organs, rice soup with fish meatball, and rice soup with ground pork beef among others. All family meals (com phan) come with steamed rice such as the tamarind soup with shrimp or fish and mixed vegetables.


After your dinner is finished, skim over the the dessert menu and choose from a variety of different sweets including; sweet rice with taro and coconut cream, white bean with sweet rice and coconut milk, fresh fruit with mung bean jello, and their 3 color jello. The wait staff is friendly and helpful and will help you along the way as you indulge in the best Vietnamese food in downtown Phoenix.


Fan favorites among patrons are; bahn mi, pho tai, and egg roles. Other top selling dishes include; barbecue pork, shrimp, a fried shrimp cake, a barbecue pork meatball, a crab-egg cake, shredded pork, and a fried egg.


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Reviews of Da Vang

See what customers are saying about their experience at Da Vang.


One reviewer who visited Da Vang left and couldn’t wait to return, writing “Visited for lunch. Located in a strip mall, this place was a very pleasant surprise. Been operating for over 40 years. Service excellent. I ordered the chicken pho with bean sprouts and tons of fresh basil. It was delicious. Also had the fresh spring rolls as an appetizer and they were wonderful too. Ended with Vietnamese iced coffee. This place rivals the high priced establisments [sic]. A great suprize [sic] and I can’t wait to return.”


Another reviewer wrote about his experience during a holiday weekend and attested to the quick services, quality of food, and great prices writing that, “We visited on Labor Day at about 3:30pm. For being there at a strange time to eat, it was very busy. It is located in a small, nondescript strip center. The service was friendly and on point. The menu is massive. We selected the spring rolls to start. They were made fresh and huge. An order of two of them was only $2.50. They were delicious! Our entrees were very large portions, very tasty, and inexpensive. We were so full that we took half of our entrees home. For three of us, the total bill was only $30!”


Other reviewers rave about the food and service, asserting that, “Everything on the menu is delicious and is explained with lots of photos for those not familiar with this yummy cuisine. It has lots of fresh crisp veggies.” 


Based on customer reviews it’s easy to see why Da Vang is considered among the best Vietnamese food in Phoenix.




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