Da Vang

Address: 4538 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85015
Hours: Sundays – Tuesdays 
              Thursdays – Saturdays
              8:00am – 8:00pm
Phone: 602-242-3575
Theme: Chinese
Atmosphere: Modern


“Among people who love real-deal Vietnamese food, Da Vang has quite the following. It’s been around for 18 years and is owned by the Ly family. You’ll typically find the place crowded with Vietnamese, especially on weekends, but the clientele really is a mixed bag of ages and ethnicities: businessmen taking a lunch break, hipster kids sharing plates of spring rolls, elderly couples slurping their noodles.

I doubt they’re here for the decor. Pale pink Formica tables and baby-blue-and-white checkered floors are set against a dingy backdrop of white and pistachio walls, adorned with framed posters and silk flowers. There’s a tiny red altar shelf with a smiling porcelain Buddha placed up in a corner, but it’s next to a Coyotes-logo Bud Light sign. Yeah, it’s an odd mix.

Still, the vibe is friendly and seat-yourself casual. Service is swift at the outset — food starts appearing within minutes — but later in the meal, there’s no rush to leave. You can linger over your super-strong iced coffee, listening to piped-in Vietnamese love songs until you’re ready to pay at the register.

With 79 items, the menu seems sprawling, but just look at the common denominators: plenty of pork, seafood, and beef. Sometimes it’s just a question of what you prefer to eat it with. Egg noodles or rice noodles? Rice paper or steamed rice?”






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