Food trucks open in phoenix during coronavirus

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Food trucks open in phoenix during coronavirus

Phoenix restaurants ought to up their creativity during this coronavirus pandemic period. Most Phoenix residents have to stay at home, necessitating the food truck to increase their mobility. Food delivery, and making online food orders are some of the practices these food trucks are incorporating to reach out to their customers.


Making online orders helps in that people do not have to queue waiting for their food to get prepared. If you order your food online, you only come to pick it up once you receive a confirmation that the food is ready. The following are some of the phoenix restaurants, according to phoenix news, that has shifted services to mobile food trucks for easier delivery.


Across the Pond

The restaurant’s location is 4236 N Central Avenue. Reach the restaurant trough the mobile line, 602-296-5629. The restaurants open from Wednesday 4 pm-12 am Saturday. However, these working hours may differ due to the coronavirus pandemic. The restaurants opt for food takeaways, food trucks, or delivery options during this pandemic. The restaurant is giving a 25% discount on foods ordered for takeaways without any delivery options.


Angry Crab Shack

This restaurant has multiple locations across Phoenix. Most of the restaurants open at 11 am, but these opening hours may differ during this outbreak. Make an order through mobile, and you will receive a pick-up call when it is ready. The restaurants are offering food truck pick-ups and food delivery within its five-mile radius.


Autumn Court Chinese Restaurant

The restaurant location is 3752-East Indiana School Road. Make an order conveniently though mobile, 602-234-0512. To enhance mobility, the restaurant offers its entire menu through food trucks, takeaways, and makes delivery during this time. The restaurant opens from 11 am to 10 pm daily. You can also receive your delivery through uber eats, grub hub, and postmates.


Beckett’s Table

The restaurant location is 3752-East Indiana School Road. Make an order through mobile number, 602-954-1700. The restaurant opens from 4 am to 8 pm. They are attracting customers by offering curbside pick-up for a limited menu. Beckett’s is also making deliveries through postmates.


Blanco Tacos + Tequila

Blanco has multiple locations across Arizona. Reach out their website to check out their mobile, through which you can make orders. Opens at noon, but this hour may vary during this outbreak. Available services, at the restaurant, include takeaway and delivery. Strictly no dine-in due to the virus outbreak. Use the code FRC35 to get 35% off your food order.


Bread crafters

Bread crafters have its location at 12635, North Tatum Boulevard. Call through 602-494-4442 to make an order. The restaurant offers takeaways and curbside pick-up. It is only preparing a breakfast and lunch menu. Note that during this period, they are open from 7 am to 5 pm, starting Monday to Saturday. On Sunday, order your meal from 8 am to 4 pm.


Breakfast Kitchen Bar

The restaurants’ location is 15147 North Scottsdale Road, Ste H133. Make an order through 480-361-6698. During this period, this phoenix restaurant is offering takeaway menus. These menus include an $8 breakfast and $20 mimosa kits. If you purchase any of these packages, you get a free coffee.


Café Lalbella

This restaurant has its locality at 849 West University Drive, Tempe. Make an order through telephone, 420-829-1939. Café Labella offering takeaway services and delivery. You will receive a 25% discount on your order if you make it directly from the restaurant.


Café Zupas

This food truck has multiple locations across Phoenix. Opens at 11 am, but these working hours may vary during this pandemic. Call to make confirmations before executing an order. All these restaurant’s locations are offering takeaways, curbside pick-up, and delivery options.


Casa Mia Cucina Italiana

The food truck has its location at 11675 North 136th Street, Ste 107. Call through 480-314-0365 for orders. During this period, the restaurant is offering a limited menu. You have to either make a takeaway or request for food delivery services.


Chauncey Social

The restaurant’s location is 17767 North Scottsdale Road, Ste 107. Call through 480-565-6488 to make orders. Note that the opening hours may differ during this period. Often, open from 9 am to 11 am, and each order comes with one toilet paper roll. The restaurant is offering a variety of menus, ranging from family-meals to drinks.


Chelsea’s Kitchen

Chelsea’s kitchen location is at 4225 East Camelback Road. Make an order through 620-346-0110. The food truck is offering meal specials and discounts. Note that they are open from 4 to 8 pm daily.


Chico Malo

Chico Malo is one of downtown phoenix restaurants open during this pandemic. The location of the restaurant is at 50 West Jefferson Street, Ste 100. The restaurant’s mobile line is 602-603-9363. The truck-restaurant is open from 12 to 10 pm all week. You can pick your delivery at curbside pick-up, Central Avenue. Conveniently request for uber eats or delivery options.



Churn has its location at 5223 North Central Avenue. Mobile number, 602-279-8024, through which you can make your order. The restaurant shifted its services to takeaways only during this period. The restaurant is making deliveries, or you can come pick it up at their curbside. Conveniently, you can make your order through uber eats to get free delivery.


Citizen Public House

Citizen Public House has its locality at 7111 East Fifth Avenue, Scottsdale. You can reach the center through mobile via 480-398-4208. The restaurant is serving customers through takeaways and curbside pick-ups.


Clever Kol

The Clever Kol restaurant has its locality at 4236 North Central Avenue, Ste 100. Make your order through the convenience of your mobile phone, call 602-222-3474. The restaurant is serving its customers via delivery and curbside pick-ups only. If you order your meal for pick up, you will receive a 25% discount.


Culinary Dropout

The food-truck restaurant has multiple localities across Arizona. The opening hours might vary during this period across different restaurants. Make an order through mobile. The restaurant is only working with curbside pick-ups and delivery options. Use the code FRC35 to receive 35% off your meal.


To sum up, the coronavirus pandemic has affected the city of phoenix in multiple ways. Most of the best restaurants in Phoenix have become creative in their operational activities. Stay safe and make food orders from the convenience of your home.

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