Address:4405 N Saddlebag Trl Scottsdale, Arizona Hours: Thursday – Saturday               10:30pm – 2:00am               Sunday               10:00pm – 2:00am                     Phone: (480) 213-9500 Theme: Club/Bar      Atmosphere: Nightlife




After years and experience of travel all across the globe, The International Champagne Bar and Nightclub was started to provide experiences and culture from countries all over the world. With great music, bottle service, and premiere mixology, and a world class environment, INTL is one of the best clubs in Scottsdale to spend your weekend. Located right in the heart of Old Town, INTL, is the go-to spot for the best nightlife in Scottsdale.


The club has a great environment and is one of the most lively nightclubs in the area. Drinks are priced fairly and poured generously. Get there before 10 pm to enter with no cover charge. The staff is courteous and friendly and provides quality service to all guests. Your weekend fun begins on Friday nights with dollar drinks and goes up from there. As far as clubs go, they tend to be the same wherever you go. A club in Miami is identical to clubs in Los Angeles and Atlanta. Yet International prides itself on being unique to the club scene not just in the Valley in Arizona but also around the country. After all, it isn’t called ‘INTL in Scottsdale‘ for nothing. The club offers great flare from all different cultures, providing a one of a kind experience for patrons and partiers.


With a spacious area, INTL is one of the best nightclubs in Scottsdale and has a large VIP area. Additionally, INTL has a nice patio area outdoors for guests to hang out. The music inside is a perfect variety of EDM, top 40 hits, 90’s hip-hop. That, along with the LED lights hanging from the ceiling and the back wall with projectors, it’s easy to see why this nightclub in Scottsdale is a top spot in the Valley.


INTL in Scottsdale is more of a dance club than a table service club, which is something that was lacking among the club scene in the area. INTL has filled that void with a perfect environment with great music and even better drinks. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Where is it? INTL is located on N Saddleback Trail in the heart of the entertainment district in Old Town Scottsdale

When is it open? INTL is open Fridays through Sundays

How much is cover? Depending on the performing DJ of the night, INTL charges a $20 cover charge

How long will I wait to get in? Typically wait time at INTL in Scottsdale is anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes depending on your time of arrival

What is the dress code? Nothing considered ‘sportswear’ (track jackets, jerseys, hats, sneakers). Casual attire is acceptable (collared shirt, jeans, dress shoes)

How much do drinks cost? Drink prices for cocktails at INTL range from $9 to $15. Ask for details in advanced about bottle service pricing

What kind of music does INTL play? The music played at INTL is predominantly hip-hip but also ventures into top 40 his, 90’s rap, and EDM

Where can I find information about upcoming events? For details on featured DJs and upcoming dates and events see download the Discotech app to find up to date information


What to expect

After a short wait of about 10-30 minutes, as you enter the premier nightclub in Scottsdale, you’ll instantly be met with loud hip-hop music and bright lights. Enjoy $1 drinks until midnight while the night gets going. In truth, things don’t truly start heating up until 12:30 at which point the dance floor is flooded with people, drinks in hand, enjoying themselves as the DJ plays top hits all night long. On Friday nights, the club plays 90’s rap for ‘hip hop Fridays.’ If you need a breather (or a smoke), head over to the spacious outdoor patio. There you can hang out and relax and enjoy a cocktail before heading back inside.



Check out what people are saying about INTL in Scottsdale


“They have the best Puerto Rican food in town served on their patio! The music , the Dj’s , the bottle girls set a great vibe! Great place to enjoy a evening in Scottsdale! Make sure to check it out!”


This is a great go to place, the atmosphere has dramatically changed over the last several months, for the better. Better entertainment and service. It’s a great place to dance and meet new people. It amazes me how many great people I have met through this place. Keep it guys!”


“I had a blast and I really always seem to have a blast! The drinks cost a lot but drink a good amount before you come and then just have one or two at the club and you will be fine. I hardly ever wait in line. Ladies are free and and the DJ is super on point.”


“One of the best atmospheres to be in if you like high energy…good people…wild nights….and the best entertainment around.”


“I went out with some friends and I must admit I had a awesome time … But where I spent most of my time was on the patio. They make some of the best drinks and they are very outgoing.”


“Checked place out this weekend and had an absolute blast!  Not sure if DJ is a regular, but we loved the house/dance vibe and will definitely be back. Venue is smaller then other places in area, but personally I think this is a big plus.  Acoustics and sound are really good, and the open dance floor and high ceilings make for a fun but not too claustrophobic atmosphere.  I hear place gets some bigger DJs now and then and will keep my eye on website for that now.”


From the drinks to the dance floor, there’s no better place to experience the vibrant nightlight in Scottsdale than INTL.






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