Larry Fitzgerald Returning for 2019 NFL Season

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Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald will play one more year for the Arizona Cardinals.

The veteran wide receiver signed a 1 year contract this past week and agreed with the NFL football team to play for the 16th-year in a row.

On Larry Fitzgerald’s Instagram account, he wrote the following below:



“A fire burned inside of me my rookie year. A desire, over all else, to be great. To excel on the field. To impact the lives of others off of it. I’m grateful that the fire still burns just as bright today, and that this organization has let me chase that fire for well over a decade. Nothing excites me more than continuing to chase greatness with everyone here on and off the field. Let’s get to work!”



The star athlete turns 36 this year and currently remains the top wide receiver on the team and a leader at his position, as young wide receivers have been slowly getting acclimated to the new system over the past few years.  In the 2018 season, he still led the team in receptions, receiving yards and receiving touchdowns.


Fitzgerald made the announcement on his social media on Wednesday, January 23rd and has since been adamant about his loyalty to the team since he has drafted by the team in the early 2000’s.



In The Future

The return means that possibly more records will fall in his name as one of the most valuable and productive wide receivers to ever play the game. In his first regular-season appearance this September, he will become the player with the most games played in franchise history. He has had 227 straight games with a reception, which is 2nd in NFL history to Jerry Rice’s 274.


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