Lola Coffee

Address: 1001 N 3rd Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Hours: Sunday – Sunday
               7:00am – 7:00pm   
Phone: (602) 252-2265
Theme: Coffee Shop
Atmosphere: Small Shop

About Lola Coffee

Great delicious coffee and desserts, Lola Coffee has much to offer! With a great atmosphere as well, the coffee shop is not small but an exceptional size for anyone looking to have a good cup of coffee and some breakfast or dessert. From bagels, to slices of cake, to even muffins or cheesecake, this medium-sized shop will leave you wanting more. Authentic and fresh, Lola Coffee is also reasonably priced for an independent coffee shop in the heart of Downtown Phoenix.

AZ Local Business

“There’s so much to love at this popular café, but we go back for the iced coffee, strong and black and absolutely perfect-a spunky blend of coffee and espresso that keeps us going all day. One of these goes great with a Lola scone, moist inside, crunchy outside, and delicious everywhere. Prefer a hot beverage? Check out the Matador, a yummy cinnamon mocha that tastes like Christmas, all year long. Savory dishes are served at lunchtime and breakfast, and we always go for a slice of the quiche, when they serve it-eggy and cheesy and great with any of Lola’s marvelous coffee drinks. Free wi-fi and an ever-changing gallery of art are two more reasons to drop in at Lola, often.”

Phoenix New Times

“Latte art did not exist here yet, so I brought it here,” Wayne said. “My philosophy has not changed. I still made everything in-house: the roasting, baking, everything from scratch.” 

Lux became a hot spot with a hip, young crowd tapping away on their laptops. After three years, Wayne sold Lux. In 2009, he opened Lola Coffee Bar at the Gold Spot historic building on Roosevelt Street and Third Avenue. He was determined to roast his own beans and make all pastries fresh. Lola has grown a loyal following ever since.”

AZ Central on an Interview with Owner

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