Los Dos Molinos is the ‘Hottest’ Restaurant in Phoenix

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Los Dos Molinos Phx Mexican Food

If you’ve ever seen the popular Youtube show ‘Hot Ones,’ chances are you’ve at some point dreamed about being featured on the show yourself. Each episode, a distinguished guest joins alongside host Sean Evans as he attempts to hold a normal interview while they put their taste buds to the limit scarfing down wings covered in hot sauce. For those in the Phoenix area, now you don’t need an invite Sean to experience the wonders (and the tongue melting horrors that come with it) of hot chili peppers. Arizona’s Los Dos Molinos offers guests the opportunity to feast on great Mexican food laced with spicy New Mexico chile


The Spiciest Restaurant in Phoenix


For fans of spice (and even people who aren’t but think they are and need a quick humbling) Los Dos Molinos is a can’t miss for Mexican food in Phoenix. Don’t just take our word for it, as soon as you walk int the door you’ll instantly see all the magazine clippings and ‘best of’ awards plastered all over the walls and ceiling. You’ll also see the custom-made Corona Extra bottle chandelier hanging from the ceiling. For over 40 years, Los Dos Molinos has been serving up delicious New Mexico style food in Phoenix and has been a mecca for spicy food lovers in the Valley. 


If you’ve ever wanted to experience the true joys and pains of spicy Mexican food in Arizona, your search is over. To give all involved a warning of what lies ahead, the menu has the words “Food is spicy, you order it, you own it!” printed at the top. Each item on the menu that is made with New Mexican Chile is conveniently listed with a red pepper next to it, indicating that if you do in fact order that particular dish, you can expect plenty of heat and possibly tears as you bite down and consume the scorching heat of the chiles.


History of Los Dos Molinos


Los Dos Molinos Phoenix Mexican Food



The journey of Los Dos Molinos, which has now become one of the most locally renowned downtown Phoenix restaurants, began back in the 1970’s. The first location was opened up by the team of Eddie and Victoria Chavez in the town of Springerville. Years later, the team expanded and opened up another location in Mesa. At its peak there were 5 locations throughout the Valley. Today there are two; one in South Central Phoenix on S Central ave, and another in Uptown off Camelback road. While the number of locations has gone down from 5 to 2, there certainly hasn’t been a drop in popularity among locals. Quite the opposite, on any given night Molinos is jam packed with spice lovers from all around the area. The buzz for Molinos is real and compares very favorably to some of the best restaurants in Phoenix


The Menu

Certainly there are options for the non-spice lovers, but the focus is the chiles. However, if you truly can’t take the heat, then you’ll be happy to know you can pick from an assortment of heat-free options such as chicken or beef tacos; a variety of tostadas; the ‘los dos flautas’ dinner; carnitas; and garlic shrimp among other plates. For the more adventurous and heat-oriented out there, you can choose from any number of dishes prepared with the Phoenix restaurant’s signature New Mexican chiles. 



Los Dos Molinos Phoenix Burrito



Dive head first into any number of spicy items. One option is the garlic pork roast platter which comes slow cooked in a dutch overn with rice and beans, small potato and finally topped off with cheese and your choice of their the New Mexico red or green chile (either way your mouth will be on fire). As noted on their website, you either get ‘hot’ or ‘not.’ There’s no in between. In the words of the owner, “I am sorry we do not provide mild sauce. I do not know how to make “Mild.” 


Another option is the adovada burrito dinner which comes enchilada style with either red or green chiles, cheese, and a side of rice and beans. Even though not everything is cooked in the fiery spice pits of inferno, it would be a mistake to leave Molinos without trying at least a bite of something spicy. From the crispy chorizo pizza, the blue corn tamale, and chimichanga, to the adovada ribs, red or green chile plate, and Victoria’s chicken chile plate, you’re sure to find something that will leave reeling relief.


If you’re looking for flavor town in Phoenix, you can’t miss Los Dos Molinos. Swing by and try some of the hottest Mexican food in Phoenix, both figuratively and literally.  





Uptown Location
1044 E Camelback
Phoenix, AZ 85016

South Central Location
8646 S Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85042



Tuesday – Friday: 11am to 10pm
Saturday: 10am to 10pm (South Central: 10am to 9pm)
Sunday & Monday: Closed

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