New Comic Book Themed Restaurant Takes Flight at Desert Ridge

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Comic Book

PHOENIX — A new restaurant is about to take flight in the Valley. Today marks the official opening of ComicX at Desert Ridge in North Phoenix. This marks the first ever US location for the Mexican-based comic book themed restaurant. “We are honored ComicX selected Desert Ridge Marketplace for its first domestic location,” said Jenny Cushing, VP of leasing for Vestar Development. “The combination of great food and unique atmosphere provides yet another opportunity for people to gather and enjoy Desert Ridge,” she added.


Dine with your favorite comic book characters

  New superhero themed restaurant in North Phoenix


The restaurant first opened its doors in 2015 and so far has several different locations in Mexico. The Phoenix location is in an 8,000 square foot space at Desert Ridge Marketplace between Sweet Tomatoes and Majerle’s Sports Bar. The inside of the restaurant features lifesize statues of iconic characters such as Batman, Spider-Man, Iron-Man and more. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to grab a drink with Captain America and your other favorite superheroes, now you can find out. 


In addition to the names listed above, ComicX also features lifesize statues of The Terminator, Thor, Darth Vader, the Hulk, Wonder Woman, and The Predator. There is also an entire Harry Potter themed area right near the bar. 


There are two outdoor patios for eating as well. In total, the estimated seating capacity for the restaurant is 200 people. Outside statues include space marine and Po from Kung fu Panda. 


The new restaurant, adorned with monuments to pop culture icons and other notable figures in the world of geekdom, is nothing short of a comic book fan’s paradise. Upon walking inside, guests are immediately greeted by Batman and Spider-Man standing over two skyscrapers just like in the comic books. Looking around at the interior decorations, you’ll instantly see why their slogan is, “where superheroes grab a bite” (donde comen los superheroes). 


ComicX restaurant


As you move through the restaurant you will see displays dedicated to Heath Ledger’s Joke, the Simpsons, Wonder Woman, and a U-shaped bar with a Star Wars themed mezzanine featuring Yoda and Jar Jar Binks. On the left side of the restaurant are the MCU characters; Rocket Raccoon, Thor, Hulk, and Iron-Man, and a life size Silver Surfer hangs from the ceiling.


Additionally, the bar will have 2 gaming areas with X-box and Wii consoles. The bar also contains a display for the Halo video game series including Master Chief and 16 of his signature helmets arranged in a nice display. 


“We have so many different things because it’s meant to be a different experience depending on where which tables you’re at in the restaurant. For example, if you’re seated at the bar, you’re going to experience the Harry Potter area. But if you go up into the Star Wars lounge, it’s like you’re in a different restaurant. You could come here a dozen times and have a different setting around you each time” said Martha Huetra, the restaurant’s chief of operations, adding that, “it just makes everything fun.”


Huerta said the restaurant plans to update and add new characters and displays as new movies, shows, and games are released. Currently ComicX has over 25 locations throughout Mexico and each one has different displays and characters. Wall art also includes various comic book covers including Detective Comics #69. 


ComicX is the second comic themed eatery to come to the Valley. In October, Commander Hamburger opened in the downtown area. Commander Hamburger is a comic-themed food counter and was one of 42 new restaurants that opened in the metro area this fall. 


The Supersized Menu

    comic book


While the menu has a ‘south of the border’ section, the restaurant’s main items are your typical American bar food such as wings, pizza, burgers, tacos, ribs, and pastas. 


One of the restaurant staples is the Super ComicX burger;  which comes topped with American cheese, purple onion, Italian lettuce, tomato, and pickles, and comes served alongside ‘fantastic fries.’ 


ComicX also offers a variety of hand-tossed pizzas including; BBQ Chicken, Sonora, pepperoni, Hawaiian, veggie, nacho, cold salmon, and northern. There’s a slice for everyone in the multiverse.


The ‘Super Dishes’ section on the menu includes a variety of items like grilled fajitas, penne louisiana pasta, oriental orange chicken, pork tomahawk, and salmon alfredo.


ComicX Phoenix


For the past couple of years, Desert Ridge has ramped up their efforts to bring in more entertainment experiences to the North Valley area. From Snow Day (on January 19th), Sip and Stroll, to other events like Movies in the Courtyard every other Tuesday, Desert Ridge has made a great effort to bring fun experiences to its neighbouring community. 


In the Supergirl-Flash crossover event on the CW it is revealed that Barry Allen, the fastest man alive, has to consume 10,000 calories a day. Now you can experience the place where Superheroes like The Flash go to fill up.


ComicX Desert Ridge


ComicX will do a ‘soft’ opening on December 4th with a larger ‘grand opening’ scheduled for sometime early next year. ComicX will join the ranks of Flower Child, Barrio Queen, and the Whining Pig Beer & Wine Bar among new additions to Desert Ridge dining.




Where: 21001 North Tatum Boulevard, #95, Phoenix


Phone: 480-306-6780


For more information see their website and social media or contact Desert Ridge Marketplace. 



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