One Of The Valley’s Top Real Estate Brokerage Hires Teddy Castro As Designated Broker

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The Fastest Growing Real Estate Brokerage Hires Teddy Castro

One of the largest and fastest growing independent real estate brokerages in the Valley hires Teddy Castro as the new Designated Broker! This move is a major step for the young brokerage who is also the largest latino owned real estate brokerage in Arizona and one of the largest in the U.S.A. Teddy has been part of neXGen Real Estate as an Associate Broker and Branch Manager of the Litchfield Park Branch since 2018. Having been a Designated Broker in the past and his current credentials make him a tremendous asset as the new Designated Broker in a real estate firm with some of the top talent in real estate. His credentials include the following:


  • Designated Broker experience
  • Board member for prominent real estate organizations
  • Former owner of Home Execs Realty
  • NAHREP Greater Phoenix Board member
  • Past President NAHREP Greater Phoenix
  • Past VP NAHREP Greater Phoenix
  • Current NAHREP National Coach
  • NAHREP Top 50 Agent Maricopa County
  • Several WEMAR Top Producer Awards
  • Community Leader
  • Current Congressional Candidate

Teddy Castro neXGen Real Estate

As Teddy Castro takes over the day to day operations as Designated Broker for neXGen Real Estate, former Designated Broker, Omar O. Robles now an Associate Broker/Owner of neXGen Real Estate assumes a new role at neXGen. Omar now serves as neXGen Chief Experience Officer AKA CXO. His leadership and experience has helped build neXGen into a great real estate company, and that same passion and leadership will guide him in his new CXO seat. As CXO, Omar will focus on improving the agent experience at neXGen through various means such as developing better systems, strengthening an already amazing culture, and taking neXGen Real Estate to new heights. This includes expanding neXGen into other US Territories and building an international presence. Omar’s experience and background include.


  • Started neXGen in 2013
  • Growing from 10 agents in 2016 to over 150 agents currently, still growing
  • Designated Broker from 2014-2020
  • Current Owner of neXGen
  • US Army Veteran 101st Airborne Infantryman
  • Almost 500 million dollars in sales
  • A Top Independent Real Estate Broker in AZ and USA
  • Largest Latino Owned Real Estate Company in AZ
  • One of the Largest Latino/Veteran Owned Real Estate Brokers
  • Former Board of Director NAHREP Greater Phoenix
  • Several Top Producing Agent Awards


Currently neXGen Real Estate is still attracting some of the top talent in real estate with very little recruiting. The magic as Omar calls it, “We do not recruit, we attract. We attract like minded people who are service driven. We believe we have created a company in which an agent can be proud to be part of. The reason I chose the name neXGen, short for Next Generation, it’s a name of renewal, never gets old. We replenish and are constantly reborn. This is a special place to work, and not because of me, but because of the AMAZING people we have attracted to our familia. They are the magic, they are special.” 

So, it’s no wonder that neXGen real estate brokerage hires Teddy Castro (and many like him) as one of it’s main Designated Broker’s for the company!

Omar Robles neXGen real estate
neXGen Real Estate Brokerage Hires Teddy Castro

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