Camelback Mountain, Phoenix’s Most Popular Destination

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Phoenix is a wide open landscape of city-wide activities to explore, some outdoor, most indoor and many in between. Hundreds of hikers and visitors travel to Camelback Mountain for discovery and common interest of the beauty that Arizona outdoors has. This mountain has been popular for years as it is one of the biggest attractions in Phoenix, AZ. One of the most talked about traveling and hiking to do, this mountain covers a wide mass in the valley containing 2 separate trails that stretch 1. 2 miles and 1.5 miles long. Camelback is an outdoor activity that is great for exploring, hiking, enjoying the beautiful outdoor nature, and to exercise your space of freedom!


Camelback Mountain is one of the tallest among mountains in Phoenix and outlooks the city of downtown phoenix in a gorgeous full view. With the view looking over the skyline of Phoenix, it is only just approximately just 20-25 min. from Downtown Phoenix. There are 2 trails at Camelback that descend lower into the mountain (and ascend back) resembling a rollercoaster of steep pathways. Thousands and thousands of people from every area of the country and world have come to Phoenix, Arizona to hike Camelback to see the landscaping of the city. During the sunset, or when the sun goes down is at the best time to go and hike the mountain. These trails are excellent for hikers who are looking for a challenge and will give your lower body a workout that is sure to keep you wanting more!


Address: 5700 N Echo Canyon, Phoenix, AZ 85321



Echo Canyon Trail is a trail that is 1.2 miles to and back.

Cholla Trail is 1.5 miles to and back.

Check out this video below of Echo Canyon trail:


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