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Sep 18
The 10th Annual Arizona Taco Festival

This year the world’s first of its kind taco festival, created right here in…

Aug 23
Micheladas Fest Stops Buy Downtown Phoenix in Sept. 2019

  If you have never had a michelada before, you are certainly missing out. This…

Jul 26
The Top 5 Local Breweries with Beer to Try This Summer

  Summer is in full swing, and what better way is there to fight off the Arizona…

Jul 24
SanTan Brewing Company Opens New Whiskey & Vodka Bar in Chandler

  In 2007, the SanTan Brewing Company opened their doors for business in the heart of…

Sep 15
A La Vie En Rose Cocktail to End The Summer

  This Rose-based cocktail is sure to surprise! A classy and delicious taste…

Aug 17
This Double Lemon Gimlet Cocktail is PERFECT to Finish off the Summer!

  THE DOUBLE LEMON GIMLET COCKTAIL Lemon and the Summer weather, are a PERFECT…

Jul 22
Oh-So Refreshing – Watermelon Mojito

Watermelon Mojito 1 medium watermelon 2 lemons Fresh mint leaves as required Ice cubes…