SanTan Brewing Company Opens New Whiskey & Vodka Bar in Chandler

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SanTan Brewing Company Opens New Whiskey & Vodka Bar in Chandler


In 2007, the SanTan Brewing Company opened their doors for business in the heart of Historic Downtown Chandler. Now Arizona’s largest craft brewer, San Tan Brewing Company is known for its great beer and great food.

Following on from their brewing success, the SanTan Brewing Company has decided to take a leap into the world of distilled spirits and debut Spirit House,  their new exciting venture located directly behind SanTan’s Chandler pub. Spirit House is an intimate tasting room that seats 49 and is located directly behind SanTan’s brewpub in downtown Chandler. Spirit House is a small trendy space where you can sit back and enjoy their craft cocktails, which are made with their three signature products, a regular vodka, a kaffir lime-flavored vodka, and a Sacred Stave single malt whiskey.


SanTan Brewing Company Opens New Bar in Chandler


Vodka Cocktails

The kaffir lime vodka is flavored with kefir lime leaves sourced from Vietnam, and the whiskey is aged in Tempranillo-Syrah-Grenache blend barrels for a unique finish.

Winning the gold medal for certified distilled spirit at the American Distilling Institute Awards and a winner of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, SanTan Brewing Company is already making waves in the world of spirits — plus, with plans to accommodate their expected growth, owner Anthony Canecchia has a view to triple the ceiling height in the 35,000 sq ft facility  to create even more space for wine barrels in the distillery.


SanTan Brewing Company Opens New Bar in Chandler Arizona


Spirit House

With the bar reminiscent of an old-world apothecary, Spirit House uses jars of house-made tinctures, vegetables, herbs and other delicious edibles that have been intentionally combined to compliment their craft cocktails. With over 15 classic cocktails on the menu to choose from, including a Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned, and Manhattan, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Not sure what delightful tipple you would rather try? Don’t worry. Spirit House offers a tasting menu where you can sample one-ounce servings of their Sacred Stave whiskeys, distilled vodka, and botanical spirits.

If having a drink makes you peckish, there is also a selection of light bites to tuck into, including delights such as cornbread served with cashew butter, cheese and breadboards, as well as a fig and apple bruschetta and salads.

You can enjoy the SanTan Brewing Company’s new line of spirits by visiting the new location Spirit House Tasting Room & Cocktails at 8 S. San Marcos Place, Chandler. Or take a look at their website, where you can purchase a bottle of their sixteen times distilled vodka for $25 or a bottle of their whiskey for $45.



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