Netflix Posts Blooper Reel to Celebrate Stranger Things Day

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Stranger Things Day

Everyone knows October 3rd is ‘intentional Mean Girls day.’ In 2012, New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg declared January 26th ‘Gossip Girl day.’ Last year however, Netflix announced a new holiday commemorating a hit series. As of 2018, November 6th is now for all intents and purposes, ‘Stranger Things Day.’ Fans of the hit sci-fi show will immediately recognize the 6th as the date that Will Byers went missing 36 years ago in Hawkins, Indiana. Last fall, to celebrate the show’s official Twitter account posted a special video of cast members wishing their fans a happy Stranger Things day. A video mashing together some of the most memorable scenes from the show thus far was also released. 


In just 25 episodes, the popular Netflix show has taken the world by storm. Last year, the show was the 6th most streamed show on Netflix and the second most tweeted about streaming show behind only 13 Reasons Why. This year, in honor of the second annual Stranger Things day, Netflix put together a blooper reel for the fans to enjoy as they anxiously await the arrival of the fourth season.


(this is the first blooper of #strangerthingsday)

— Stranger Things (@Stranger_Things) November 6, 2019


Additionally, fans have discovered clues hidden on the Instagram page of actor David Harbour who plays Jim Hopper. Believed to have been killed off in season 3, Harbour has been changing his Instagram icon to a number for the past several months. Fans quickly realized the numbers were digits to a phone number. Upon calling the number they received a recorded voicemail from Harbour, leading many to believe his character Hopper may still be alive.


‘Stranger Things 4’ is officially on the way — and David Harbour might have dropped some clues about it already #StrangerThingsDay

— NowThis (@nowthisnews) November 6, 2019


All day long, the show has been tweeting out special videos from cast members to fans to celebrate. 

In case you’ve been living under Patrick’s rock and somehow missed the show or are purposefully avoiding it in a cliche attempt to be ‘edgy,’ here’s a quick recap of the show so far.


Season 1

The premier season of the show chronicles the mysterious disappearance of Will Byers who went missing after a routine game of Dungeons and Dragons. On a bike ride through the woods, three boys; Dustin, Lucas, and Mike come across a strange girl named Eleven who has recently escaped Hawkins National Laboratory in the opening scene of the series. She then tells them she knows where Will is and begins to tell them about the parallel universe known as ‘The Upside Down.’ 


Meanwhile, Joyce Byers, the mother of Will, is hysterical over the disappearance of her son. In typical 1980s horror fashion, Joyce begins receiving strange phone calls and convinces herself that it’s Will on the other end trying to make contact. Eventually, Joyce is called in to identify the body of a boy that was found in a quarry. Still convinced her son is alive, the police chief Jim Hopper breaks into Hawkins lab and makes a shocking discovery. 



Season 2

The second season of Stranger Things introduced us to a new giant spider monster called the ‘Mind Flayer’ larger than the entire town of Hawkins. Harry Potter’s Aragog has nothing on this thing. The Mind Flayer controlled everything in the Upside Down and eventually even took over Will’s body.


Following the events of season 1, the gate to Upside Down was sealed off for good….or was it? A big new discovery about Hawkins Lab is uncovered, and Hopper finds himself protecting a big secret.


As for the boys, Dustin and Lucas spend season 2 in a jealousy contest fighting over a new girl named Max. Along the way Dustin finds a new pet slug. The slug however turns out to be more than just a slug and ends up being a bit more than Dustin bargained for. 



Season 3

Season 3 was the season of growth. The boys have hit puberty, Nancy and Jonathan have internships, and Joyce has stumbled onto yet another conspiracy. Eleven has lost her powers and there’s a new investigation into the town’s rats. Steve gets a job scooping ice cream at Starcourt mall and uncovers yet another conspiracy involving the Russians (because of course). 



In September, Netflix made an official announcement for the show’s fourth season, though no release date has been made. The show creators initially stated the show would run for 4 or 5 seasons, meaning the upcoming season could be either the final or penultimate season for the sci-fi series. With no clear release date in sight, this year’s Stranger Things day has renewed enthusiasm for the upcoming season as fans eagerly await for the Netflix drop.


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