The Best MLB Baseball Training Ballparks in Arizona

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We have listed our favorite MLB training ballparks all around the valley just in time for spring training. Our top list of baseball facilities will make you want to visit each ballpark more often. Here is our list of our favorite MLB baseball training ballparks below:


1. Salt River Fields (Diamondbacks & Rockies’ Training Facility)

The Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies have everything they need with a 11,000 seat facility in Scottsdale. The best thing about this field aside from the enormous size, is that most of the seats are shaded. Each view also provides a beautiful view of the Mountain range in the background. This ballpark also provides 7 parking lot with over 3,000 spaces.



2. Sloan Park (Cubs’ Training Facility)

The Chicago Cubs have a great field with a Wrigley Field replica of the actual marquee inside the park. Add this and the fact that the outfield can fit up to 5,000 fans over maximum capacity. Another great factor about this training facility is that the tailgating area along with the 300-foot path from the team’s clubhouse gives you a welcoming feeling.


3. Peoria Sports Complex (Padres & Mariners’ Training Facility)

After 2014, the renovations made for Peoria Sports Complex were specifically focused on making the ballpark better. The renovations did just that for the Padres and Mariners. The ballpark also has a large parking lot for the family if you are looking to bring the whole family and to top it off, theres a variety of restaurants within walking distance of the complex.



4. Scottsdale Stadium (Giants’ Training Facility)

Although in the past this field has been named the best training facility in the valley, (because of the space between the stands and the field) times have indeed changed. Nonetheless, this field is still in our top 7. The location is not only great because it is in Old Town Scottsdale, but also the restaurants and places to stay are right around the corner.


5. Goodyear Ballpark (Indians & Reds’ Training Facility)

One of the biggest benefits about this training ballpark facility is that both teams are from Ohio, so this easily makes it easier for fans of the state. Although this is a family-friendly ballpark, the space can get tight around the ballpark. This ballpark offers a n ability to play Wiffle ball in a play area. Another benefit is that the Goodyear Airport is about a mile and a half away from the field.



6. Surprise Stadium (Royals & Rangers’ Training Facility)

First-time visitors of this ballpark may have a difficult time finding the park, but there are a majority of seats between the 1st and 3rd base lines. Parking also is spacious, but the negative is that it can be a hassle trying to get to and from the park to the 101 Loop from Bell Road.


7. Camelback Ranch (White Sox & Dodgers’ Training Facility)

One of the biggest benefits of the Camelback Ranch ballpark is the 100-foot shade structures along the 1st base area that provides some shade for the fans who are smack dab in the sun. Another plus is the larger video board that the stadium offers. The negative is driving in and out of the park which can be a hassle as well when leaving.



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