The Best Places to Go Biking in Arizona

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The Best Places to Go Biking in Arizona

With remote places, varied terrains, and dramatic landscapes to explore, Arizona is a landing place for bikers. There are easy trails for beginners to exercise and enjoy the scenery’s as well as technical and rugged trails for experienced bikers. Here are some of the best places to go biking in Arizona.


Best Biking Places in Arizona


Below are 10 epic mountain biking trails that you can check out.


1. Pemberton Loop, Scottsdale

While most of the trails in Arizona are only suitable for advanced and intermediate bike riders, the Pemberton Loop is excellent for beginners. It is a single-track trail that extends for 15 miles, and there are various places that you can begin it. For a short ride, you can even cut the distance off by several miles and take the Tonto Tank Trail or the Bluff Trail. This desert trail is fast and wide, and there are diversion trails that you can take to prolong the distance. There are no challenging climbs or slopes on this ride to ensure the utmost fun for beginner riders. The trail is ideal for beginners as it is also marked with signs. As a rider, you should keep in mind that there is a population of wild horses nearby, so you might come across horses while riding.


2. Cathedral Rock Big Loop, Oak Creek

This is an excellent trail for advanced and intermediate riders who wish to experience the beautiful scenery of Arizona. Your ride will begin at the Bell Rock Vista track. Beginners might require to walk their bikes in some sections, but intermediate and advanced riders will enjoy the twisting rocky and red dirt areas. The trail travels along the Templeton Trail and the Slim Shady Trail, and the slope from Cathedral Rock is the most challenging. Near the end, the trail goes along Oak Creek Trail, join the Baldwin Loop, and get back to the Templeton Trail. Remember that the Cathedral Rock is accessible to hikers and that this mountain biking trail crosses it. So, you should watch out for inexperienced hikers and slow down at the crossing point to avoid accidents.



3. Sonoran Desert Loop, Cave Creek

This biking trail is part of the Phoenix Sonoran Desert Preserve. It extends for 13.1 miles and is well balanced for both beginners and experienced riders – it is not super technical. The ride starts at the Apache Wash Hiking Trail in the northern part of the Desert Preserve. Be aware that the Sonoran Desert Loop is a multi-use trail that is popular for horse riders and hikers. Both inexperienced and experienced bikers can enjoy this trail, but your legs will likely warm up during the climbing sections of the trail.


4. Hawes Trail Network, Mesa

This biking trail is part of the Sonoran Desert Trail System. It extends 11.2 miles and is a single track for the most part. Hawes Trail Network is a scenic ride that does not have too many rocks, but it has a lot of cacti that you need to watch out for. It has a lot of turns and twists to make it more challenging for advanced and intermediate riders. Another exciting thing about this trail is that part of the Saguaro Trail, which is part of the network, passes through some abandoned mines.


5. Black Canyon Trail, Phoenix

The Black Canyon Trail is among the most excellent mountain biking route near Phoenix. One of the recommended courses begins at the Table Melisa Hiking Trail. The path extends from the Black Canyon Trail to the Little Pan Loop – it is part of a 62-mile biking trail system. This single-track trail is ideal for advanced bikers, and you should carry a map or a GPS to navigate the various branch trails that connect to the main trail route. It consists of extended slopes on desert terrain, but you should be aware of the many cacti that are challenging to avoid.


6. Honeybee Canyon Loop, Oro Valley

This trail is among the best places to go biking in Tucson, Arizona. It is a 16.8-mile single-track trail that is not much challenging, but it needs some perseverance. The best place to start is along the Oracle Road as it has a dirt and gravel parking lot. You will enjoy a smooth ride of hard-packed dirt and minimal climbing sections. The downhill ride is smooth and fast on this trail.


7. Schultz Creek Trail, Flagstaff

This is a trail near Flagstaff that extends for 4.2 miles. It is a famous track to go to Schultz Pass. You will begin your ride at the bottom of the Schultz Pass trail and head up the slope on a smooth ride. Here, you will pass over Schultz Creek that is lined up with fir and pine trees. hikers and dog walkers mostly love this track, so you need to keep an eye on others while riding.


8. 50-Year Trail/Golder Ranch, Tucson

Tucson region also has an excellent mountain biking opportunity, especially if you ride on the 50-Year Trail/Golder Ranch region. This is the best trail in this area, as it is excellent for everyone. Regardless of your biking experience, you will find something to enjoy and challenge yourself on this trail. However, it would be best if you kept an eye on unexpected ruts, snakes, and sandy spots during night rides.


9. Hangover Trail, Sedona

Sedona is an elegant place for mountain biking and hiking, but the trail should only be tried by advanced riders who want to take risks. This is one of the unique biking trails in the Sedona area as it is between two sections of the red rock. Riders ride along the narrow canyon edge and down the steep cliff that is above the floor of the canyon. That requires you to be comfortable with heights.


10. Prescott, Skull valley

If you are seeking for a killer road bike riding in Prescott Arizona, this loop is excellent. It begins from Prescott to Skull Valley, then to Kirkland and back to Prescott. The ride has everything you need to for a fun bike riding moment; climbs, flats, and slopes with scenic views


So, if you are looking for the best place to go biking in Arizona, you can try some of these routes, and you will not regret the experience.


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