The Best Sushi Restaurants in Arizona

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Best Sushi in Phoenix

Despite being in the South West with a heavy Mexican and ‘south of the border’ influence, Arizona has no shortage of Japanese options. One signature classic among Japanese cuisine, and a favorite among Americans, is sushi. From high end restaurants to local family run joints, the Valley has a multitude of different options for sushi lovers. For those looking to find the best sushi restaurant in Arizona, here are the top spots to hit up.


Best Sushi

Roka Akor

7299 N Scottsdale Rd, Scottsdale


Located in the upscale area of Scottsdale, everything at Roka Akor is a cut above your average sushi restaurant, including the tab. Though you can expect to pay considerably more at Roka Akor, you get what you pay for. The restaurant offers a full array of options beyond sushi as well such as steak and other cooked foods. From the always quality and fresh food to the exemplary service, Roka Akor reigns supreme as the cream of the crop among sushi restaurants in Arizona


Harumi Sushi

Harumi Sushi

114 W Adams Street, Suite C101, Phoenix


The first thing that pops out to guests dining at Harumi sushi is the purple rice. Harumi uses a special black rice that turns purple during the cooking process. For that reason alone, people looking to chow down on some of the best sushi in the downtown area of Phoenix should check out Harumi. Harumi has everything that seasoned sushi lovers crave. From the philly rolls, yellowtail sashimi, and crunch mango rolls to the salmon nigiri and more, any sushi connoisseur should be sure to add Harumi to their list immediately.


Hiro Sushi Phoenix

Hiro Sushi

9393 N 90th St., Scottsdale


Part of what makes Japanese steakhouses so enjoyable is being able to watch the chefs prepare the food, benihana style. For those love watching, the bar at Hiro is located right along the kitchen area to give guests the perfect view of the chefs at work. Naturally, bar seating is always in high demand. The menu, which includes the sushi bar is quite extensive and always features daily specials posted behind the counter. 


Squid Ink Sushi Phoenix

Squid Ink Sushi Bar

CityScape 2 E Jefferson St., Phoenix


Squid Ink Sushi bar combines elements of a traditional sushi restaurant with seasonal ingredients and a love for all things food. Functioning almost as a Japanese sports bar. Guests have the ability to much on sushi while enjoying a cocktail in the outdoor seating area while they watch the game. A perfect blend of your typical American sports bar with Japanese steakhouses. Complete with multiple TVs and a happy hour menu, think of Squid Ink as the Buffalo Wild Wings of sushi. Whether you’re planning on dining in all night or just need a quick spot for some appetizers and a few beers before you go to your final destination, Squid Ink is a great place to be.


Nagoya Sushi Phoenix

Nagoya Sushi

7557 W Greenway Rd. Suite 104, Peoria


Strip malls have their own reputations, but here in Arizona, strip malls often hide some of the best food in the Valley. Such is the case with Nagoya Sushi restaurant, hidden inside a strip mall in Peoria is this great family-owned sushi restaurant that provides your casual sushi fan with everything they need to have a great time. With options that other sushi places may not offer such as the popcorn lobster roll or sweet shrimp, Nagoya is certainly a great find. It’s not as well known as some of the others on this list, but if you love sushi and happen to be in Peoria, you have to check this place out.


Best Sushi

Sushi Roku

7277 E. Camelback Rd., Scottsdale


So yes, this is a chain and for that reason many sushi purists will shake their head and walk right by it. Rest assured however, Sushi Roku is not your average sushi chain. Quality wise, this competes very well with the high-end sushi spots in Phoenix. When we hear ‘chain’ we think cheap quality, but Sushi Roku is hardly your run of the mill, Safeway Sushi and is miles ahead of those ‘How Do You Roll’ fast-casual sushi chains (which are now closed). The sushi restaurant provides guests with a great experience from the service to the freshness of the food and was even ranked in Phoenix New Times Magazine’s top 10 restaurants in Phoenix for 2019. Yes, it’s a chain, but so is Capital Grille.


Iron chef Phoenix

Iron chef

10810 N Tatum Blvd., Suite 106, Phoenix


Located just north of Shea on Tatum inside an outdoor shopping area near Whole Foods and the Verizon Store, Iron Chef offers great sushi and a nice down home ambiance. There’s nothing fancy or pretentious about it, just great tasting sushi for the residence of Paradise Valley and its neighboring areas. For those dining in or carrying out, Iron Chef offers a special half off on all sushi rolls (some are 40% off and the deal is not available for delivery patrons). Iron Chef has a number of great dining options such as their special meals which come with miso soup, egg rolls, edamame, pickled cucumbers, a roll, a special roll, and a drink.


Oban Sushi and Ramen

Obon Sushi 

15037 N Scottsdale, Scottsdale

7300 N Via Paseo Del Sur, #102, Scottsdale


Known for not only its sushi but also its ramen bowls, Obon is a unique restaurant in Scottsdale with multiple locations offering great hearty servings and some great happy hour deals. Happy hour is every day from 3-7. If you’re in the mood from some of the best sushi in the area you’re in luck. Additionally, for those looking to get beyond Machuran or cup noodles, Oban also serves some of the best ramen you’ll find in Arizona. 


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