The Top 10 Things To Do In The Nightlife In Arizona

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The Top 10 Things To Do In The Nightlife In Arizona

Arizona is known for its’ beautiful array of red rocks coupled with a baby blue sky, and an ever-widening Grand Canyon, but what about the nightlife? Certainly, it’s not like Las Vegas with hundreds of nightclubs, a strip for cruising, and a bar or pub around every corner – or is it exactly the same? Now, you don’t have to visit first to know the top ten places in Arizona fit for the nightlife, we’ve provided an unofficial guide for you here, should you ever decide to visit!


Here are the top 10 things to do in the nightlife of Arizona, just remember to please always stay safe and have a designated driver or take an Uber if you stay out drinking!


The Top 10 Things to Do in the Nightlife of Arizona


10. SidebarDowntown Phoenix


If you are into hand-crafted beer, and over 100 alcoholic beverages to choose from, the Sidebar in Phoenix is one of the top spots to land for a good night out. Between their fresh-squeezed daily juices and their ability to be hip and stylish, the Sidebar has become a popular spot for young people and even some older folks too! People say they stop here to catch a buzz in between clubs, and some stop here and party all night long. This bar is also located in the midst of the beautiful downtown area, conveniently placed right next to several nightclubs for a fun night of bar and club hopping!


Sidebar Special: Try out the “Sidebar Collins” (a house favorite) if you decide to take a walk on the “hip” side at Sidebar!


9. The Nash – Phoenix


The Nash is the only live music venue in Phoenix that is strictly made for and dedicated to jazz music. In fact, The Nash is run by a non-profit organization in Phoenix called Jazz in AZ, giving this pub an edge over any competitor.due to their likability and originality alone. Of course, that is not what makes this place super special. The bar isn’t just known for being the only Phoenix jazz venue but it is also one of the only bars that have a BYOB policy, meaning that you are allowed to bring your own wine and beer!



The Nash Secret: Visit the bar on the first Friday of every single month and enjoy a special jazz event that doesn’t happen any other day of the month!


8. Four Peaks Brewing Company – Tempe


You’ve heard of wine tastings but have you ever heard of a brewery tour? Four Peaks Brewing Company is known for its’ brewery tours and brings in lots of locals and also tourists from all over, just to catch a buzz while touring and learning about more beer and alcohol! Located in Tempe, Four Peaks contains some of the most unique flavors known to man, if you can think it they can make it. Perhaps another wonderful factor about this pub is that it’s not just about drinking beer and wine after a long hard day at work, but it’s also about the amazing food they have and how they’ve consistently received great ratings and reviews from customers in that area. Did we mention that even the building itself is described as “historical and absolutely stunning”, so feel free to tour the beautiful rich history of the Four Peaks Brewing Company while you’re at it!


The Four Peaks Challenge: Try out as many unique and new flavors of beer that interest you, they’ve got just about any flavor or combination you could think of! Challenge your friends and see who can handle the nastiest or most pungent combination!


7. Desert Bar and Nellie E. Saloon – Parker


Quite possibly one of the most hid-away nightlife venues in Arizona, considering you can only reach the destination by bicycle, and only through some of the bumpiest terrains – the Desert Bar and Nellie E. Saloon tops the cake for the strangest way of arrival to any bar ever. This saloon is known for its magnificent views, the cold beer and amazing food are just another plus. There’s no shortage of entertainment here either, the Desert Bar and Nellie Saloon is known for putting on some pretty amazing live shows and concerts with bands that have come from everywhere just to play here.


Helpful tip: Be sure to travel only on a bike or in an off-road vehicle when visiting this Saloon!


6. Wasted Grain – Scottsdale


Probably one of the most unique, if not the most unique, public places for the nightlife in Arizona resides in Scottsdale – called Wasted Grain. The bar slash restaurant is styled after a classic prohibition-era bar and restaurant, offering live music every day of the week except Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.


Party Challenge: Try out the ‘Wasted Grain’s” bodacious Bubble Room, Scottsdale’s only Champagne lounge!


5. Skylanes – Scottsdale


If you want to take your night to the next level, Scottsdale has one of the most elegant bowling alleys in town called Skylanes. Skylanes offers not only a boutique bowling alley that serves up some amazing grub, coupled with some liquor or beer and beautiful waitresses, but this all happens amidst the top of a second story building, and one gorgeous view of downtown Scottsdale.


Pre-game tip: This is your pre-game! Hit up Skylanes before you hit the club until 3 AM, this place is perfect for club preparation!


4. The Chai Spot – Sedona


Maybe you prefer a more relaxed evening with a group of friends, sipping on tea at an elegant chai spot embracing Pakistanian culture. You’ll be able to experience traditional chai tea time as they do in Pakistan, the Indian women even bring the tea out on beautiful Turkish plates to resemble the true essence of chai tea and how it is to be served and enjoyed.


Tip: If you decide to check out “The Chai Spot”, take a look around you while you’re seated. Those beautiful masterpieces around you were created by Pakistanian women in their villages, giving you a sense of their life and what they do in their country!


3. Maya Day + Nightclub – Old Town Scottsdale


Looking for a Vegas adventure? Maya Day + Nightclub has you covered, from day to night, literally. They made the club specifically to cater to a “day club” during the day hours and then, of course, a nightclub at night. During the day there are extravagant pool parties, then at night, there are DJ’s and even Celebrity guests that attend, giving you that “royal” feeling of being somebody!


Fun Suggestion: During the winter months, check out “Clubhouse At Maya”, this awesome day & night club turns their backyard into an actual oversized playground..but for adults!



2. The Museum Club – Flagstaff


The most popular Western saloon in Arizona, The Museum Club is almost always packed, so if you plan on going you may want to plan to leave early. If you love country music and live bands this will be your second home, this club features a live band each night they are open!


Fun Tip: This club provides a super relaxed atmosphere and everyone is friendly, so don’t feel like you need to dress up or be someone you aren’t like some of the other clubs may have you do!


1. The Duce – Downtown and Central Phoenix


The Duce falls under the number one spot due to the inability to shine amongst the rest, but only because it is somewhat misunderstood. This 1928 warehouse has to be the most versatile spot, with everything from a boxing ring, to backyard games, to handmade cocktails that are absolutely delicious! Since this is considered a hip and funky atmosphere, they have also brought back the soda fountain that many people love so much due to the natural flavor of a fountain drink. You’ve also got your alcohol bar and delicious food as well, so you really can’t miss out at The Duce with all they have to offer you!


Funky Fact: They have implemented and reinvented bleachers from a local Phoenix high school as your place to sit back and relax!


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