The Top 7 Best Trick-or-Treat Spots in Arizona

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Life is full of decisions. Where are you going to go to college, where are you going to live, what kind of job do you want. Additionally, one of the most important decisions to make that pops up every year, is where to go trick-or-treating. When it comes to Halloween, not all neighborhoods are alike. No one wants to hit up the people whose idea of a good time is handing out pencils and play-doh to kids (and people in their mid-30s who think they’re still young and can’t take a hint).


Arizona takes Halloween seriously and part of that is making sure trick-or-treating is an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. If you live in Phoenix you’re especially in luck since MSN ranked Phoenix the 6th best city in the country for trick-or-treating. To make sure you don’t get stuck spending your Halloween going door to door collecting tooth brushes and packs of Bazooka bubble gum, here are some of the best spots in Arizona to take your trick-or-treat gang and secure the candy bag.


Malloween, Desert Ridge

Desert Ridge Malloween


Each year, Desert Ridge Marketplace invites families from all over to do a little unconventional trick-or-treating from shop to shop. With fun games, prizes, music, and more it’s a perfect family setting to bring the kids and give them a unique Halloween experience. Because it’s at a mall, everything is within close proximity, making it an efficient way to collect candy. It also serves as a great way for kids to meet other kids make new friends while they hunt for their favorite sugar infused goodies.


The festivities take place on Halloween from 3-5 at Desert Ridge Mall

21001 N. Tatum Blvd, Phoenix, AZ


Trunk-or-Treat, Anthem

Anthem Arizona Trick or Treat


Anthem is bringing back its Trunk or Treat celebration for the 4th year in a row. Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, Trunk or Treat gives families and kids a fun experience. The event takes place a week before Halloween on the 26th at Crossroads Church plaza from 4-7pm. With decorated cars and trucks lined up all along the plaza handing out candy, it’s a quick and efficient way for trick-or-treaters to load up on candy without walking much. Beyond hunting for candy, attendees can also enjoy crafts, games, a pumpkin patch, and ponies, (yes, literal ponies), and a DJ chopping and screwing all afternoon. 


The event is free and open to all in the North Valley area.

The plaza is located at 42101 N 41st Dr, Anthem, AZ


Paradise Valley

trick or treating outside house


Halloween is a big deal. You can’t skimp out on Halloween, it’s go big or go home, and what better way to do than to hit up the big homes of Paradise Valley? PV is one of the safest communities in the entire Valley area, making it perfect for families. With homes positioned close together, it’s an easy way to hit up a lot of houses in a short amount of time for quick and efficient candy bag securing. If you’re looking for some classic door to door trick-or-treating you can’t go wrong with Paradise Valley. Plus, people in PV are more likely to have the rare bougie candy you can brag to your friends about. Just make sure if you end up in the gated communities that you leave by midnight, otherwise you may not be coming home.



halloween house display


Few neighborhoods go as big for All Hallow’s Eve has Encanto. Come October, it’s rare to find a house in the area that doesn’t at least have a carved pumpkin on display somewhere. Put simply, houses in Encanto go all out for Halloween. With tons of Halloween related festivities in the area, Encanto is one of the best spots to snag a bunch of candy. It’s also home to a very high society Phoenix Country Club, so you’re sure to find lots of King Size bars being handed out left and right.


Deer Valley

kids collecting candy


If you’re looking for that vintage suburban America trick-or-treat experience, Deer Valley is the move. Trick or treating in DV is like stepping into a time machine and coming out in the 1950s when Halloween was still an innocent day for children to skip through the streets filling their baskets with sugary snacks. The houses are all decorated and doors are left wide open for candy-passer-outers to watch the youngins skamper up the driveway in their costumes. If you’re looking for that ‘Haddonfield’ vibe without a Michael Myers slicing and dicing your babysitters, Deer Valley is the perfect place for an old school trick or treating experience. 



kids arizona trick or treat


Believe it or not, Buckeye is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing cities in Arizona. Booming with new businesses and first time home-owners, Buckeye is a great place to do some old fashioned neighborhood trick-or-treating. Last year, Buckeye posted the fastest growth among cities in the country, adding 5,813 new residence. Community is a huge part of trick-or-treating. Getting to know your neighbors is fun and exciting, so for those who reside in Buckeye, Halloween night is a great time to step out and enjoy your neighborhood. 


McCormick Ranch

We’ll be honest, if you’re looking for elaborate decorations and houses going all out for the holiday, this isn’t the place. But, if you’re one of those people who is strictly ‘about the bag,’ you can’t go wrong with McCormick Ranch. Being one of the more affluent areas in the Valley, this is the place to go if you’re looking to make a big haul. Legend has it homes here pass out specially imported chocolate from Europe. So if you don’t mind lackluster decorations (we’re talking maybe a cobweb and a pumpkin at the maximum) but want to make out like you just robbed Willy Wonka, McCormick Ranch is definitely the move.


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