This Church Has 4 Restaurants & 2 Bars…

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No, this is not a church that you are thinking of! The Churchill is a unique concept that came from co-founder Kell Duncan. The Churchill is now open! The restaurant/food space is a local phoenix eatery that provides multiple food venues in a wide open location. The food space unites a few different food establishments and retail shops. In a statement made by co-founder Kell Duncan, he describes the building in one small phrase, “a community gathering place” for Phoenix. Duncan had this to say in further detail, “The idea is that there’s an 8,000-square-foot community space that will be shared by everyone,” Duncan says. “The small businesses will circle the common area.”  



The gathering place currently consists of 4 different restaurants, 2 bars, and 4 retail shops. Each restaurant works out of a shipping container. The building takes its name from Evans Churchill, which is where the neighborhood is located. It is actually located on the northeast corner of First and Garfield streets. 

The community trait that the food space incorporated into the eatery is quite serious. Tenants of The Churchill “pay,” as part of their “rent” to spend hours of community service a month. Not all “tenants” have been made public, but there is a smoothie and acai bowl food spot, a bar called Pobrecito from Barter & Shake (of Counter Intuitive and UnderTow), and Freak Brothers Pizza. 

Co-owner of Freak Brothers Pizza had this to say, “I love the community aspect of the space. For us, it’s super-important — the kinds of events we go to and the vibes of those events. This space seemed perfect.” 

Freak Brothers is a Neapolitan-style pizza with an interesting oven that cooks pizza in just 90 seconds, equiped with a 1,000-degree oven. Freak Brothers has experience making pies in a tight space as the restaurant will be the smallest container of the food space. Freak Brothers will be serving unique pies such as Sriracha chicken and Pesto Madness (pesto, cherry tomatoes, and banana peppers) at The Churchill. 


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