Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Halloween 2021

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halloween costumes

It may only be September, but Halloween is fast approaching. Much like this year has for so many people, the next month and a half will fly by. It’s time to start thinking about Halloween costumes for 2021. With so many great movies, TV shows and pop culture trends this year, there are great options for men, women and children to choose from. Here are the top 10 Halloween costumes for 2021 celebrations, trick or treating extravaganzas and parties.


Ted in Ted Lasso

A great Halloween costume for the guys — or any fans of the show! Ted Lasso is an endearing, hilarious football coach who finds himself coaching the other kind of football (professional soccer in England) even though he has no experience.

Elements of a Ted Lasso Halloween Costume: 

  • Mustache
  • Game Day look: v-neck sweater, Oxford cotton button down and flat-front chinos
  • Training look: an Adidas track pants and a performance polo.


Olivia Rodrigo from her “Brutal” Music Video

Olivia Rodrigo had one of the biggest albums of the year, and her “Brutal” music video had some iconic looks. One of the most popular ones for Halloween is sure to be the 90s-style punk rock outfit.

Elements of an Olivia Rodrigo Halloween Costume: 

  • Red beret
  • Braids
  • A graphic tank top
  • A plaid, black-laced skirt
  • Choker necklace
  • Glitter tears


LeBron James in Space Jam

LeBron James’s Space Jam outfit will be a popular costume among both adults and children this year. For fans of the original or the new Space Jam movies, go as LeBron or other favorite Tune Squad member.

Elements of a Space Jam Halloween Costume: 


Your Favorite Olympian

An Olympic year means there are a lot of new real life heroes out there. Fans of Gabby Thomas or Noah Lyles might go as a track star. Fans of Alex Morgan or Christen Press might go as a soccer player. Fans of Caleb Dressel might go as a swimmer. Fans of Simone Biles might go as the GOAT.

Elements of an Olympian Halloween Costume: 

  • White sweatsuit (to go as the Team USA podium outfit)
  • Gymnastics leotard, running clothes, swimming goggles, soccer ball, etc. to highlight your favorite sport or athlete


Bernie Sanders at the Inauguration

This is quite a throwback to the very beginning of the year, but Bernie Sanders got the meme treatment after the inauguration. This could make a great Halloween costume for Bernie fans.

Elements of an Olympian Halloween Costume: 

  • Mask
  • Brown jacket
  • Knit brown and white mittens
  • A folded chair could make a nice touch


Cruella de Vil from Cruella

A popular women’s or children’s costume this year will be Cruella from the new Disney movie. There are many outfit changes throughout the movie, so selecting a favorite is the best way to go. 

Elements of a Cruella Halloween Costume: 

  • Blood-red gown
  • Gloves
  • A black-and-white wig
  • Black eye mask


Vision and Wanda from WandaVision

This will be a costume the kids and couples will both be wearing this year. Wanda and Vision’s looks throughout the series spanned the decades, so customizing the look to each person will be easy. 

Elements of WandaVision Halloween Costumes: 

  • For Wanda: red hair is the key to stand out as Wanda
  • For Vision: paint your face red and silver


Luca from Luca

Luca, a Disney movie that came out this summer, will be a popular costume for kiddos this year. Luca is a sea monster who heads to the land, so his land look is easiest to copy!

Elements of a Luca Halloween Costume: 

  • Flannel button down shirt
  • Blue shorts


Harper and/or Carly From iCarly

iCarly got a reboot this summer, and Millennials may go as Carly and her new BFF from the show, Harper. There are some unique looks throughout the show, so standing out at your Halloween gathering can be easy to pull off.

Elements of iCarly Halloween Costumes: 

  • Harper: Fun and colorful prints, blue fur collared jacket
  • Carly: Printed top with jeans and a cardigan


Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn has been a Halloween staple for a few years now. The past several years have featured new ways to adapt her look.

Elements of a Harley Halloween Costume: 

  • Red dress
  • Black boots
  • Symmetrical braids, with one died red and one blue

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