Top 5 Things To Do In The Valley In Spring

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Our beautiful, gorgeous state of Arizona has so much to offer. Although most out-of-town foreigners think that it has nothing to offer, us locals know that that is not the case.  We have so many attractions to bring in the travelers. Especially during the Spring before the scorching heat comes. If you want a specific taste of what Phoenix offers in the spring of 2019, then check out these top 5 things to do when in Phoenix, AZ this spring.



1. Hiking and the Gorgeous Outdoors

Our state of Arizona is known for it’s amazing desert, scapes and outdoor activities. Whether you want to hike, mountain bike, or take a guided tour through some of the historic desert land in Arizona, springtime is a perfect and beautiful time to do it.


2. Excellent Pool Weather 

Whether you are just visiting, just moved, or you have lived here, make sure that you hit up such places like Big Surf, Sun Splash, or the Salt River. Our sun in the spring time has the perfect setting for a relaxing day near a clear, cool swimming area, and the luxurious pools in the area typically come equipped with the perfect poolside setup you are looking for.




3. The Sonoran Desert

We are not only known for its deserts, but our state is also known for its beautiful wildflowers. The Sonoran Desert is renowned for its beautiful flowers and cacti bloom in the harsh climate and bring an amazing contrast of color and light across the landscape. Spring is the only time to see these beautiful plants in bloom, so make your trip plans accordingly if you don’t want to miss out.



4. Golf, Golf, Golf

What goes better with the spring weather then 18 holes of golf? With the stunning landscape and always-present sun, golfing at luxurious places like We-Ko-Pa or Troon North provide tons of golfing entertainment. So get out and visit a golf course in the spring time before the temperatures go up in the summer.


5. The Food and Nightlife

Phoenix is quickly becoming a foodie destination for the American West. From Barbecue to seasonal, local food and international delicacies are all part of the Phoenix eating scene. We not only have Surge Nights for the night time scenery, but we also offer such restaurants as; Hanny’s, The Compass Grill, Durant’s, and more!


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