Twitter Has a lot of Thoughts about the New iPhone 11

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iPhone 11 Announced



Tuesday night Apple officially unveiled the details for its newest generation of phones, iPhone 11, and already people have a lot of thoughts.


The iPhone 11 is an upgraded version of the popular iPhone XR from last year that includes a new 6.1 inch retina display. In typical Apple fashion there’s also an 11 Pro and Pro Max available for a steeper price. While the regular 11 starts at $699.99, the Pro starts at $999.99 with the Pro Max beginning at $1099.


While the Pro runs slightly smaller than the regular with a 5.8 inch retina display, the Pro Max sports a 6.5 inch display. The biggest aesthetic difference however, the thing that has everyone buzzing, is the new camera feature included on the back that makes it stand out from all its predecessors. The 11 has not one but 2 camera lenses on the back while the Pro and Pro Max each come equipped with 3 lenses on the back. It seems Apple is following the age old adage, that anything worth doing is worth overdoing.


According to The Verge the new ‘tri-pod’ look for the Pro versions include, “one ultra-wide angle 12-megapixel camera, one standard wide 12-megapixel one, as well as a 12-megapixel 



Not to be outdone by its backside, the front facing camera also has a new feature on the 11. Users can now create a short slow-motion selfies of themselves which has been dubbed by attendees at the Apple Event as the ‘Slofie.’ Think of it like a reverse TikTok, simply record yourself making a weird face or something equally cringey and the camera will automatically slow it down and create your very own ‘slofie.’ Unfortunately, you can’t set it to trap music…yet. Here’s a quick example of what you have to look forward to all over your social timelines:



The phone also has a longer battery life and better resistance to water and dirt to go along with the new and improved retina display. Unfortunately for Apple however, none of those things are what people are talking about today. Instead, as soon as the first images of the 11 dropped online people immediately began to drag it for its ‘ugly’ aesthetic. Even though it’s the iPhone 11, apparently most people think it’s a 5 at best, claiming that the way the 3 lenses on the back were situated looked like a stove top. Others have compared the 3 lense look to; a fidget spinner, a Philips shaver, the CDA suits from Monster’s Inc, and the freckles on Phineas from the kid’s cartoon Phineas and Ferb.



Others have been less amused with the new camera set up and more terrified of it, saying it that deeply triggered their trypophobia, a fear to small holes and bumps clustered together, vowing to never buy it. It appears the new iPhone is trending for all the wrong reasons.



Here are some of the best reactions so far to the newest iPhone on the market:







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