Where to Tailgate at State Farm Stadium

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Cardinals tailgate

Football season back in full swing, which means tailgate parties galore! We know last year wasn’t exactly a ‘banner year’ for the Cards and this year doesn’t look to bring a whole lot of improvement, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a good time at State Farm Stadium. If the game is rough, that just means you need a killer pre-game ahead of time. Half the fun of going to a Cardinals game are the pre-game festivities. Here are some of the best pre-game options State Farm Stadium has to offer for you to get in the zone before watching the Cardinals no matter if they win or lose:


The Cardinal Flight Deck

Arizona Cardinals Flight Deck


If you’re bringing the kids, the Flight Deck is the perfect spot to enjoy family fun Sunday morning before kick off. Everyone remembers being a kid and going to their first football game, so give the kids something to remember. At the Flight Deck, kids can participate in a virtual combine to test their gridiron skills. Complete with a massive LED screen to keep up with other games around the league and a variety of foods and plenty of drinks, The Cardinal Flight Deck is the perfect pre-kick off hit up for the whole family. 


Big Red Brew Haus

Big Red Brew Haus from Arizona Cardinals Scoreboard on Vimeo.

If you didn’t bring the kids and are looking for a more ‘adult friendly’ spot, you can’t go wrong with Big Red Brew Haus. With a huge variety of craft beer including Brew Haus craft, it’s the perfect place to get your pre-game on. With dozens of screens, Brew Haus is the signature spot to grab a bite to eat and throw back some pitchers before the game. 


Game Zone Tailgate

Game Zone tailgate


The stadium parking lots open up at 9 am for regular tailgaters to begin their Sunday morning rituals. However, for a more unconventional tailgating experience, be sure to check out the Game Zone tailgate. Instead of setting up your own tailgate and having to haul tents and food in your car, Game Zone tailgate has it all for you. The Game Zone is located inside the stadium on the South end and is also home to the Cardinals pregame radio show and the Cardinals NFL Kickoff show. This tailgate also includes interactive games, barbecue, and appearances from Cardinals cheerleaders. Guests who attend the Game Zone must also have regular game tickets. Game Zone tickets are $75 and space is limited. 


Bud Light Primetime Grill

Primetime Grill tailgate


Another tailgating paradise, the Bud Light Primetime grill features 75 feet of tailgate parties with plenty of food to chow down on before kick-off. The space also features giant TV screens and custom surround sound for everyone to enjoy. 


Cardinals Pre-Flight Party

Pre-Flight tailgate


Don’t have a ticket to the game? No problem, you can still participate in pre-game festivities at the Pre-Flight Party. Located in the Westgate Entertainment District within walking distance of the stadium, the Pre-Flight party features  and outdoor beer garden and over 65 beers on tap! 


The Great Lawn

Great Lawn tailgating


Of all the tailgating options available at State Farm Stadium, none is perhaps more heavily attended than The Great Lawn festivities. In the world of Cardinals football, The Great Lawn is the Saint Andrew’s of tailgating. Complete with individual tailgates for days the Lawn also includes tons of vendors and live band performances. The 1,000 foot lawn opens at 9 am with live performances starting at 10:25.


Other information:

New stadium and NFL polices state that game-goers may bring one clear plastic, vinyl, or PVC bag with them, no larger than 12″x6″x12″ or a one-gallon clear plastic zip-lock bag.

Fans are not permitted to bring in any bottle, can, thermos, or beverage container and absolutely no out-side alcoholic beverages are allowed in. Fans may only bring one factory-sealed, non-frozen 500ml bottle of water (no soda, flavored water, or sports drinks allowed).


When does it all start?

All parking lots open at 9 am.

Club Gates open at 9:45 am

Great Lawn opens at 9 am

Flight Deck opens at 9:45 am

Bud Light Primetime Grill opens at 9:45 am

Game Zone opens at 9:45 am

Main gates open at 11:30 am


Where do I park?

Parking is available at the Westgate and Tanger outlets for $10. 

Other parking information can be found on the State Farm Stadium website


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