Will Smith Jumps out of A Helicopter Over the Grand Canyon

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On Tuesday, September 25th 2018 superstar actor/artist Will Smith took a plunge out of a helicopter to celebrate his 50th birthday and the bungee jump took everyone by surprise! The Oscar-nominated actor free-fell more than 200 feet over the Arizona historical landmark before elastic cords began to stretch & bounced Smith as he watched and enjoyed the scenery of the canyon. 


The bungee jump stunt was witnessed by family members and friends. The stunt was also streamed live over Will Smith’s YouTube channel as people watched from all around the country and world. When the helicopter was lifted at about 200 feet over the canyon, Smith braced himself on the skids while in position, an assistant on the helicopter then gave the signal and Smith dropped backwards into the gaping hole. 



When Smith plunged, the cord began to hold him and the superstar yelled with excitement. After a few minutes, he was safely transported to solid ground. Although his  parents and siblings rushed to the edge Smith said he stayed back, in fear that he would of fall off the edge. 


In the beginning of the 2018 summer, Smith announced that for his 50th birthday he would bungee jump over one of the largest landmarks in the country in Arizona. When the stunt came to an end, Smith landed at a safe location at around 3:00pm on Tuesday. His family and friends all waited for him to be finished, even former co-star Alfonso Ribeiro (also known as Carlton on “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”). 


The bungee stunt not only raised money for global-education funds around the country, but also gave the actor an opportunity to face his childhood fear of heights. What some may not know, is that some time before the jump, Smith spoke to family and friends about how his family growing up drove across country when he was kid and stopped to see the Grand Canyon in Arizona 




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AZ Local

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